Dear all Participants in the J/70 Europeans,


We at the Royal Danish Yacht Club hope that you have all returned home safely and that you enjoyed spending quite a number of days with us at Skovshoved Harbor.

It was a great pleasure hosting the event and we hope you were all satisfied with the way we managed things – not only on the water but also ashore.


If you want to see many great pictures from wonderful sailing on Øresund go to Royal Danish Yacht Club's Facebook page:



and share the pictures with your friends.

Hope to see you soon again in Copenhagen for great sailing.


Kind regards

J/70 Europeans Event Team

Lars Ive

Photos: Per Heegaard Fotografi

R O Y A L  D A N I S H  Y A C H T C L U B

Tuborg Havnepark 15

2900 Hellerup